Behind the Scenes of Trinity's photoshoot

Meet Trinity – the new “face” on my feed & the girl that my son, Tydeman, is very lucky to have as his girlfriend! 

When Trinity posted a picture on her Instagram feed wearing the Carnelian Long Drop Earrings we had given her for her birthday I knew I had found my next “model”.

One of my brand “goals” or “guidelines” that I stated when I started my line was that I would only use friends & family as my models – not only from the “real products for real people” stand point but also these people are my encouragement & support in what I’m doing & in turn I want to share with you the amazing things that they are doing & support them!

Tydeman met Trinity at the start of the school year – friends-of-friends - & they’ve been together since. Trinity is a very talented young woman: a budding videographer- she made the video documentary on Tydeman that I posted on Instagram around Mother’s Day - & basketball star in the making - the only Freshman on the Agoura High School Varsity Girls Team! She & Tydeman share the passion for their sports & are dedicated supporters at each other’s events. But it is her warmth, relaxed join-in attitude & the beautiful smile that lights up her face that have made her part of our family in the last year.

Behind The Scenes – Tydeman “crewed” on our after-school photo shoot, wielding the reflector, adjusting Trinity’s hair & hamming it up for the camera! Trying to get a “nice” shot of the 2 of them at the end took a while!


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