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My Fall Shoot models, Jen & Pam, are amazingly inspiring women & I just love to be around them. Both original, from launch, NNInsiders, I wanted you to meet them…


Naomi Newman LA Fall Shoot - photo credit Kathy Schuh Photography

It just so happened that, while I was umming & ahhing about whether to start Naomi Newman LA a group of my friends decided to go on a Friday morning hike at Point Dume, Malibu. We climbed the footpath to the top of the bluff & marveled at how lucky we were to live in this part of the world, then took the rickety steps down to the “hidden” beach on the other side.  As we walked along the shore, Jen & I began chatting; first about the college application process, her son was then in 12th grade & awaiting acceptance letters! That led to the projects our husbands were involved in & then on to us. I told Jen what I was considering – rather than looking at me like I was crazy, she lit up with enthusiasm & began sharing her new business experiences, both ups & downs, as well as those of friends of hers.


Naomi Newman LA Fall Shoot - photo credit Kathy Schuh Photography

Jennifer Gilbert Asher grew up in San Francisco, graduating from UC Berkeley before moving to Los Angeles as a documentary producer. Travelling with the shows she worked on, Jen soaked up the architecture, art & landscapes of the world. She later went back to school to study landscape architecture & as a landscape designer drew on her travel experiences, understanding the value of location & working with existing elements, using nature as her palette. (She was her own first client & you can see parts of her beautiful garden as the location for my Fall Shoot.) As her client list grew Jen found many of her commissions were enhanced by the addition of a sculptural element. Employing her fascination for where geometry & nature intersect, Jen began designing & creating abstract, minimalist sculptures for her landscapes.  The feeling of seeing her pieces instantly transform a space led her to shift her focus & now devote all her time to her sculpture work. 


Jen in her studio & with Gravity, installed in NYC

As designer & co-owner of TerraSculpture, Jen works with cold-rolled steel & stainless steel to create contemporary limited edition pieces, while with sister company, TerraTrellis, she explores the marriage of form & function, sculptural pieces designed to support & integrate with the plants & vines in their location. All pieces are conceived & designed by Jen, then hand made by the collaborative team at her Los Angeles studio & are enjoyed in public & private gardens alike, such as The Natural History Museum in LA, along the banks of the Columbia River in Washington State & in public plazas in Washington DC.


The Sunset Test Garden Farm, Cornerstone Sonoma - Photo credit Ali Altri

That day as we walked along the beach, Jen told me how she had been stunned & honored that Sunset Magazine had recently selected 15 of her pieces for their public test garden, Cornerstone Sonoma. A few weeks later I opened my copy of Sunset to see The Gracie Modern Arbor a star in the article about the garden's opening.

Joy                                   Taffy                                  Figure

I love Jen’s work – can’t wait to be able to landscape our Santa Monica Mountains property to include my own Gracie Arbor, Joy or Taffy or Figure. But as well as being great fun, it is Jen’s collaborative nature that draws me to her, sharing ideas, experiences, links & connections. Like me, she has worn a number of “hat’s” in her working life as well as being an awesome mom. Maybe it’s in those transitions; we discover the value of supporting each other, encouraging each other, inspiring each other rather than operating as islands? We learn the power of collaborative relationships rather than competitive ones? We realize the joy, & relief, in finding like-minded women? We look for our “Insiders”- who are yours?





Kathy Schuh Photography



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