Flowers for my flower

My husband has called me “Flower” from the day we started dating. A bouquet would be accompanied by the note “flowers for my flower”.  I’m not exactly sure now how it started but I do have quite an obsession with roses...

 I started photographing flowers when Tydeman, our eldest, was born. Close-up shots of the gerbera, lilies & daffodils that had been delivered. But it was the roses that captivated me the most with their sensual velvety texture & intense depth of color. Yes, the same description as my Velvet Scarves – I searched to find a silky velvet with deep color, almost black in the folds, to look like the petals of a rose entwined around your neck.


My wedding bouquet was simply laurel leaves & deep, dark red roses & I wore roses in my hair, revealed when my veil was lifted. My Gran, who I was very close to, had passed away a couple of years before we got married & the garnet colored roses echoed the stones in the ring she left me and that I wore on my right hand to have her with me on my special day. I still have the dried petals of those flowers in a jar.


I love the fragrance of a rose, not the cloying artificial perfume but the true fragrance, fresh with subtleties. One of my all-time favorite scented candles is “fig, rose, black pepper” from The Market Candle Co - fresh cut green fig, a peppery accent & the heady, but not overpowering scent of roses. You should try it, heaven!


So, when it came to choosing a logo for my new company, Antonym beautifully interpreted what was the obvious choice – a rose.

Signature rose charm         photo credit @darthjulian

photo credit: Julian Bleeker  Instagram @darthjulian

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