Meet Jenny & her much loved Leopard Elzevir Mini

When Jenny came to the launch of my line of bags & accessories at Pedalers Fork, Calabasas, back in November 2016, I knew the Leopard Elzevir Mini would be the bag for her!


Hollywood born & bred, Jenny grew up in and around the Arts and though she doesn’t count herself as “a creative person”, she has a playful personality with her own flair. Always wearing some cute or curious accessory; an over-size flower ring, flip-flops with giant hearts on the front or animal print ballet flats, a pet-able purse was a no-brainer for Jenny!


"It's like my pet kitty! My little companion,” she said stroking her bag.



Jenny & I met when our kids were at pre-school - I was pregnant with my daughter, Poppy, and often at 100 miles an hour chasing my 2 boys around campus! Jenny always had a smile and easy-going air about her. With our kids in the same grades we were together for the next 10 years and cemented our friendship in the many hours spent waiting outside the elementary school gates. We may see each other less frequently now, kids have grown and moved on to different schools so no gates to share, but whenever I do see Jenny her smile is a ray of sunshine.


When Jenny popped into my Studio a few weeks ago she was excited to tell me how her Leopard Mini had lightened up a pretty somber family event that took place during the holiday season. 


“It seems a little strange to say, but my purse made a sad occasion a bit lighter.”


Jenny had worn her Leopard Elzevir Mini to a dear family member’s memorial service. There was deep sadness but at lunch afterwards a compliment on her cute purse, led to it being passed around the table, petted & cooed over. An impromptu “shopping list” was even made on the back of a napkin!



“A single compliment on my Elzevir Mini became smiles, then laughter, before moving back to tears again. Without saying a word, we all knew how much we needed that little break."


The reason Jenny had come to visit my Studio… to buy herself the full size Leopard Elzevir, as a late birthday treat,

“I just can’t resist!”


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