Moving Sale

Life has a way of throwing things at you.
And sometimes it just keeps on throwing them!
To be honest, I haven’t met anyone who’s had an easy time of the last few years & our collective willing things to change must have an effect soon, mustn’t it?!
This is what I look at when I sit at my home desk & I think it actually sums up the reason for my “Moving Sale” pretty well!
This summer, my wonderful husband, Rhys Newman, was made an offer by a great, relatively new company, called Casper, to join them as VP of Design. The philosophy, aims & vision of Casper are very much in line with Rhys’ personal viewpoint which only reinforced this being an offer he/we couldn’t refuse. However, Casper’s design office is in San Francisco.
Rhys is currently commuting 4 days a week, so at the end of the school year the kids & I will move up to join him.
As for all families with 3 teenage kids, life is hectic! As a family we are juggling club soccer, high school soccer, mountain bike races, as well as school, homework & teen social lives! In the midst of all of that I am going to prepare our house for rental & relocate the family to San Francisco!
Then, last month, my Mumma was suddenly taken ill & I flew to the UK to spend some time with her & my family. When I returned home I felt, for a few days, as if I were in a bubble watching my life; though I love everything & everyone in it & will always rise to a challenge, I realized I was in danger of losing hold of my priorities.

Family forever no matter what.

“Family first” is what I have always held at the core of everything I do. And now, more than ever, I need to focus on them. So, for the time being Naomi Newman LA needs to take back seat. Who knows what is around the corner, maybe there will be a time for NNLA to return, morph into something new or for my career to take another turn altogether?
But for now, thank you all for your interest, love & support, for buying my bags & making them part of your lives!
Please come to my “Moving Sale”!!!
Friday 16thNovember, 12noon – 8pm
& Saturday 17thNovember, 10am-2pm
at my studio 28914 Roadside Dr #209, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Everything on sale at incredible prices!
Get your holiday gift shopping done NOW!
Spread the word & bring friends!
Come soon before what you’ve had your eye on has gone!!!
RSVP to the first 20 responders who come & shop at the sale will receive a little thank you gift with their purchase!

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