My Tipping Point

I have been asked many times in the last few months; "What made you go for it?" "How did you pluck up the courage to start your own business?”  Actually, my daughter Poppy had a big part to play in it…

Photo credit - Kathy Schuh

I’d been mulling over the idea of starting my own line for a few months – would people really be interested in my designs, how would I finance it, where could I have my bags made etc.

Then one day, driving Poppy to soccer practice, we were having a conversation about what she’d like to do when she grew up – that question teenagers dread but we adults seem compelled to ask! Of course, “I don’t know” was the first answer so I made a few suggestions based on her aptitudes & my understanding of what she currently seemed into, she looked doubtful then said,

“Mom, what I’d really like to do is inherit Omgirl.”

Poppy modeling Omgirl Mini

Surprise! Omgirl is the wonderful yoga & lifestyle line by my great friend Meghan, who I have known since my first weeks in California; have worn Omgirl constantly since then, to work out in, live in & go out in - Meghan jokes that I wear more Omgirl than her; my kids all wore Omgirl Mini when they were babies & even modeled for a few early press shots.

But Omgirl is not my company, so I answered,

“Really? Well, honey, that’s Meghan’s company so it’s unlikely you would inherit Omgirl. Anything else?”

But in my head the sentence continued…

“...but maybe you could inherit my company?!”

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