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I didn’t really have a group of girlfriends growing up - but now I don’t know where I would be without the inspiring, supportive, strong, caring, fun-loving women in my life! Moms, business women, artists, entrepreneurs; My NN Insiders!

I was part of a mixed group throughout my teens; had friends that were girls but was as close, if not closer, to many of the guys (just as friends!). Rhys & I met when I was 18 and he genuinely became my BFF years before we started dating. Then we got married and made all our decisions together, moved cities together & faced life’s challenges together – hey he even shopped with me!

It was while living in London, working crazy hours where I often got to my desk in the dark and left it again in the dark, that I met a bunch of girls who changed my view. I was invited to my first “Girlie Lunch” having met Jill, Janey & Sarah through our other halves. We all arrived at the restaurant around noon & were still sitting there drinking & talking when they were trying to lay-up for dinner, we all bought Toby Mott slogan t-shirts (https://www.tobyshop.com) on the way back to one girls house where we continued to talk, eat Indian take out & drink until the small hours! OK we all accept that our lifestyle was not “healthy” back then but what was healthy were the friendships: these girls were there for each other’s career changes & house moves, stupid decisions & wonderful celebrations, break-ups & weddings - they were the ones who figured out I was pregnant with our first baby before I did! And they were the ones that I wondered if I would ever replace when we moved to Los Angeles – I had “girlfriends”!

My circle of girls has morphed over the years as Mommie & Me yoga became collaborating on Pre-school Room Mom tasks, became sharing the shade of the tree outside the Kinder-gate, became organizing Elementary Graduation… Gradually I realized my “girls” were “women” and many of us were negotiating the new territory of having ourselves back & searching for new challenges.

I was not alone in this being a creative catalyst & in starting my business I realized that these women are not just my friends but we are a network – stronger together; sharing our knowledge, discoveries, experience, encouragement & yes, sometimes a drink!

Cheers to you, my NN Insiders!


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