Our "Nightingale"

The “Nightingale” started singing outside our bedroom window last weekend. 



I hadn’t realized how much I missed the birdsong last summer – I don’t know if it was the severe drought SoCal has been trapped in for the last 4 years but the mornings were sadly quieter & in particular we missed our “Nightingale”.  Neither Rhys nor I are great ornithologists so we’re not sure if the first bird to call in the morning & set off the dawn chorus is in fact a Nightingale but his song is beautiful, so that is what we call him & we are very happy to have him back.

Thanks to this winter’s rain, the hills, that have been grey & parched, are covered in yellow clover, flower spikes stand up from aloe & agave, crape myrtle trees are bright pink. Walking my dogs in the mornings the air is heavy with fragrance of blossom; Victorian box, orange & lemon; tiny, almost insignificant flowers with heady perfume that, here in Southern California, to me means Spring.

Spring – the time of nature’s awakenings & new beginnings. It does sound clichéd but this year, with so much uncertainty, inequality & unrest in the world, I’m relieved to see nature’s evidence of life bouncing back after tough times; to see the green hillsides & the return of our “Nightingale”.




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