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I’ve been a regular at Wundabar studio in Calabasas for over 4 years – honestly, I’ve found nothing like it for developing and maintaining my core strength, so much so that my 15-year-old competitive mountain biking son now joins me once a week!  As well as giving an amazing work out, the teachers at Wundabar are fun, friendly & supportive - & not just about my fitness…

My Elzevir bag has gained quite a lot of interest sitting on the bench during many classes over the last year or so.  A few of the Wundabar Team fell in love & now carry their own Elzevir!












Michelle Zimmer is one. The mom of 2 teenage boys, Michelle is a lifelong fitness devotee, involved in various activities since her early 20’s; first tennis & swimming, then later in group exercise & dance, where she started as certified aerobic instructor back in the late 80’s, teaching both high & low impact, as well as step classes. In 2007 Michelle found Pilates & fell in love with the full body training that Wundabar Pilates offers - she now teaches exclusively in Wundabar studios, where here energy & enthusiasm are infectious.

And I’m happy to say Michelle’s enthusiasm spreads to talking about her Elzevir! While we were taking these pictures, people were arriving for the next Wundabar class & she excitedly told them all about her favorite features;

“You have to see this… your phone sits right here, in this perfectly sized pocket which is always at the front, right where you need it! And the leather is so soft! I nearly chose the black but fell in love with this color & it’s perfect, it goes with everything!”

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