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Behind the Scenes of Trinity's photoshoot

Meet Trinity – the new “face” on my feed & the girl that my son, Tydeman, is very lucky to have as his girlfriend!  When Trinity posted a picture on her Instagram feed wearing the Carnelian Long Drop Earrings we had given her for her birthday I knew I had found my next “model”. One of my brand “goals” or “guidelines” that I stated when I started my line was that I would only use friends & family as my models – not only from the “real products for real people” stand point but also these people are my encouragement & support in what I’m doing & in turn I want to share with you the amazing things that they...

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#outandaboutwithmyelezvir - Michelle

I’ve been a regular at Wundabar studio in Calabasas for over 4 years – honestly, I’ve found nothing like it for developing and maintaining my core strength, so much so that my 15-year-old competitive mountain biking son now joins me once a week!  As well as giving an amazing work out, the teachers at Wundabar are fun, friendly & supportive - & not just about my fitness… My Elzevir bag has gained quite a lot of interest sitting on the bench during many classes over the last year or so.  A few of the Wundabar Team fell in love & now carry their own Elzevir!                        Michelle Zimmer is one....

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NN Insiders

I didn’t really have a group of girlfriends growing up - but now I don’t know where I would be without the inspiring, supportive, strong, caring, fun-loving women in my life! Moms, business women, artists, entrepreneurs; My NN Insiders!

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