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#outandaboutwithmyelzevir - Sarah

I was lucky enough to be selected to attend The Do Lectures - an incredible experience - in Cardigan, Wales last weekend.  And Cardigan just happens to be relatively up the road from my sister, Sarah, who lives with her husband, Richard King*, & son, Eli, in the little village of Erwood, on the River Wye in Powys. Opportunity to visit! It is a stunning part of the world, lush & green, gentle rolling hills speckled with sheep & grey stone cottages. Life has a very different pace to Los Angeles – which is perfect for Sarah a fine artist.  Sarah & Rick share an amazing studio space in a coach house next to their wooded cottage. Up a grass pathway,...

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#outandaboutwithmyelezvir - Michelle

I’ve been a regular at Wundabar studio in Calabasas for over 4 years – honestly, I’ve found nothing like it for developing and maintaining my core strength, so much so that my 15-year-old competitive mountain biking son now joins me once a week!  As well as giving an amazing work out, the teachers at Wundabar are fun, friendly & supportive - & not just about my fitness… My Elzevir bag has gained quite a lot of interest sitting on the bench during many classes over the last year or so.  A few of the Wundabar Team fell in love & now carry their own Elzevir!                        Michelle Zimmer is one....

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#outandaboutwithmyelzevir - Nina

When I bumped into Nina this week at Juicy Ladies, one of our favorite healthy haunts, she was carrying her black leather Elzevir. As we sipped Green Juice, she enthused about her bag; "It's so comfortable! I had some aches & pains carrying some of my previous bags but my Elzevir sits so comfortably on my shoulder, I have none of that now."                     A personal trainer & Beatbike devotee, with 2 kids away at college & "momager" to her youngest daughter, who's setting out on an exciting dance career, you can spot  Nina's little Brit-flag painted Mini zipping about town. "And this," Nina said, pulling out the keychain, "it's genius! I never loose...

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