To thine own self be true

Starting a business, like many of the "grown-up" things in life, is hard! There are ups & downs, bumps & set-backs to be weathered as well as the celebrations!

As a new mom, I soon realized the wealth of knowledge in other moms, especially those with kids a few years older than mine who could share what had worked, or not worked (just as helpful to know!) for them.

And it's the same as a new business owner, one of my greatest resources are the #womeninbusiness who have gone before me - I am very lucky to have friends & friends of friends willing to share their knowledge & experience! 

Last week I learned a lot! To be honest, I'd be floundering a little trying to figure out the "next big step"; I don't have the time or the money to test out every option available - does anyone?!

Then 2 much-awaited "mentor" meetings fell back to back. Direction, focus, things I am doing well & things that need to change - I filled plenty of pages in my notebook! But in digesting it all, a quote I had coincidently seen on Instagram that morning came back to me;

"To thine own self be true..."

Many of the things pointed out to me had been in my original "plan". In all my weighing up & analyzing I had allowed myself to doubt my instincts & drift off target!

So, going forward, in fine tuning what I have & planning my next steps, I am going to remember, as I paraphrase Mr Shakespeare's quote above:


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