Gallery July/August '18

It's great to see more photos of you #outandaboutnnla with your Elzevir & Elzevir Mini's popping into my inbox or showing up in your Instagram feeds & stories.  Here are the selection I received for July / August - thank you all so much & keep them coming!

Kathleen, my wonderful friend Shawn's mom.  Her Army Linen Elzevir was a very special Mother's Day gift.  I've heard that Kathleen loves carrying her Elzevir #outandaboutnnla in her home town of Salt Lake City because "it keeps everything close at my side".  




You'll recognize the lovely lady in this shot - Pam! who has featured in a couple of NNLA shoots & been an ambassador from day one!  Pam raised a glass of delicious rose to NNLA at Petit Soleil in San Luis Obispo having spent a week in San Francisco with her beautiful granddaughter Skye Elizabeth "my Elzevir came in handy to carry all I needed when babysitting 😄❤️" she texted.









 Marissa was about to leave for vacation when I went to her pilates class at Wundabar, Calabasas carrying my Rose Gold Elzevir. It really is the perfect travel companion so, of course, Marissa had to have one for her trip! I loved receiving her "before trip" pic but was so excited when more great shots showed up in my Instagram feed 😃

"Lavender fields forever", Valensole, Provence

Marissa in Florence, Italy & at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Another multiple entry INNsider is Laura with her Black Leather Mini - Laura tagged NNLA in her Instagram story from a family visit in Ohio as well as @wellaeducation in Vegas




Apologies to Jane that this one missed the May/June competition - my excuse being I was on my way to England! - but it's in now for sure: @therealjanebirkin at her daughter's School Sports Day at the Olympic Stadium, Amersterdam no less! And congrats as Jane won the Mom's Sprint 🏆






Jane then tripled her chances of a win by sending me this cool duo from Marbella, Spain!    


May/June entrants, Kathy, Stacy & Carrie made the most of the photo ops a girls trip to Carbo San Lucas provides for some great July/August entries!

I received this last July / August "entry" from my fab sister-in-law Cath #outandaboutnnla in Mallorca this summer #lightenupforsummer with her Champagne Mini Coin Purse.

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